No More Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin to step down as Governor
Sarah Palin to step down as Governor

We could only wish.  But as for ‘No More Sarah Palin’ as governor of the state of Alaska, our wish has come true.  Sarah Palin made a surprise announcement today that she will be stepping down as the governor of Alaska at the end of this month.  She made a brief statement and took no questions afterwards.  Of course no one expected this to come, as she would be up for re-election next year, but the time spent after being on the John McCain ticket as the vice-presidential nominee has been tumultuous at best and this move would also free up time as 2012 rolls around.

Sarah Palin stepped up on the national scene almost a year ago when the GOP candidate for president, John McCain, choose the first term governor of Alaska as his runningmate.  Every since then America has seen nearly day to day coverage of the darling of the Republican party.  Election day came and went, they lost the nomination, but she did not lose her limelight.  After November there was several instances of Palin-mania rearing its head, whether it was rejecting stimulus money, ethics complaints, or some personal Palin family drama.  We were even treated to more Palin when just a few days ago some new information of McCain campaign infighting show how frustrated she was back during the campaign.

So now with Palin resigning, what does that mean for her political future?  Well she says she’s doing this for the state of Alaska to avoid the “politics as usual,” because nothing is more important to her outside of her family and faith.  We all know of the talk that’s been rumored of a possible bid for president in 2012, but does this hurt her chances or increase it?  It certainly gives her room to campaign in the early primary states in 2011.  But this latest move has some worried.  What if we had elected her vice-president.  Would she have quit early in that position as well?  What if she gets elected as the nominee in 2012, are we to expect her to step down early then too? 

Not for nothin’, but a year ago, I like a million other people would have said that the chances of Sarah Palin becoming president are just as good as us getting a black president.  Crazier things have happened, I mean Bush got elected twice.  In four years if we’re saying President Palin, can’t say I didn’t warn you.

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