A Presidential Double Take?

Obama caught staring?
Obama caught staring?

A picture is worth a thousand words…you have to see it to believe it…if it’s hard to believe, watch…Well if we are to take what we saw in a picture taken at the G8 conference in Italy, then I guess we have to say that President Obama was caught checking out the rear-end of a nice young lady just before a photo opportunity.  Or was he?

So we all know the stereotype that comes attached to most black men nowadays.  Thanks to Sir Mix-a-lot’s 1992 hit Baby Got Back, the notion that all black males are attracted to a nice voluptuous butt have been attached to the culture for years.  It’s not necessarily based on fiction either, many black men are attracted to a woman’s bottom, and so are a lot of other men of every race.  But, that’s nice exactly excusing President Obama, he apparently did give a quick glance at the butt of a Brazilian teen.  Should we blame him?  Many of guys have been caught staring at a woman’s back-end, particularly if it was something worth looking at.  Should we start making the comparisons to President Clinton?  Does this make him any less of a president?  Any less of a man?  Afterall, he is just that, a man.

But after further review and looking at the big picture or video and not just a snapshot, we could see what was actually going on.  As the crowd got together, including French President Sarkozy and Brazillian President Inacio Lula da Silva, to take a picture, the Brazilian beauty, a junior delegate walking up a staircase next to Obama, but at the same time the president decided to be chivalrous and help out another young lady down the same staircase.  Its just that at the time he turned to give his hand his head just happened to be turned toward the bum of the young Brazilian.  A case of mistaken picture taking.  No harm, no foul.

Not for nothin’, but I used to use the same misdirection techniques to check someone out when with another.  Does the phrase, “hey honey, don’t you have a dress just like that?” sound familiar to anyone?

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