The Pink Elephant “Called” 911

Obama to meet with Crowley and Gates
Obama to meet with Crowley and Gates

No, I am not calling the nice lady who noticed a disturbance at a neighbor’s house a pink elephant, but it’s that pink elephant that has us all talking sparking up much debate over the last coupleweeks that has landed on the steps and into the White House.  It’s likely at the root of the Gates/Crowley story that was exclaimed by the arrestee from the start. 

“Racism,” is what according to Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., started this whole thing on the behalf of Sgt. James Crowley and eventually led to his arrest at his home.  But it wasn’t racism that prompted 911 caller Lucia Whalen to be on the alert.  She just simply saw “two large men, one of them looked kind of Hispanic, but (Whalen) not sure, and the other one entered, and (Whalen) didn’t see what he looked like at all.”

Well that was in a bit of a contrast to what Sgt. Crowley has said and put on the police report.  In fact, Crowley was said to have met with Crowley at the scene, but now it appears that didn’t happen.  In another discreptancy, it would appear that the term “black men” did not come from her at all.  Well, naturally this isn’t congruent to Sgt. Crowley’s story of the events.  But we could be well beyond that now.

The President of the United States is involved and it is unfortunate that he’s the closest one to have issued some sort of an apology in this drama.  In his own admission, Obama said he could have chose more proper words to use when speaking on the events that launched a national discussion.  But as the trio of Gates, Crowley and Obama prepare for their own private discussion over a beer at the White House, the country awaits the outcome.  Will Sgt. Crowley apologize for arresting a man trying to get into his home?  Will Gates admit that he was way out of line in his rant and racist accusations that would escalate to his arrest?  Will this open a can of worms a new can of worms as the racial divide in America is examined in our cities yet once more?

Incidents like this put everyone in a precarious position.  No one likes to be labeled a racist, and it seems an easy out to call someone racist.  It’s hard to defend yourself from an accusation.  No should never have to defend themselves of that, but then again others should never have to bear the thought that his or her race was a deciding factor in how they are approached.  It’s the ongoing dispute but the fact is, we can never know what is truly on a person’s mind. 

Not for nothin’, but let’s just hope this is happiest of happy hours for Obama, Gates, and Crowley so that we can put this pink elephant back in the closet and move on.  Because no matter how much it comes out, it’ll never go away, so closing this chapter until next is likely the best possible solution.

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