Not For Nothin’ 2010

Tiger Woods came, we saw, the media conquered.  How much longer will we be forced to learn about Tiger Woods’ extra-marital affairs?  Am I supposed to care who is mistress number 34?  Do we miss John & Kate so much that we must find some real-life drama to fill our reality TV appetite.  Then again, I guess John and Kate were real too.  But did John ever give Kate a 13 minute apology?  More over, if I ever gave a 13 minute apology to anyone it’ll pass the line of repetitive to pathetic.  Who ever gets to apologize anyway without any questions being asked?  Is he such hot stuff that his apology will solve everything whereas no further questions would be warranted?  You know, he should have taken those 13 minutes to define “transgressions” for us.  Not for nothin’, but I’d rather not see or hear anything else from Tiger Woods unless it’s “Tiger just won his eighth major.  I really don’t watch golf that much anyway.  I could give a damn about what his wife thinks about him.  To be honest, Tiger’s personal life has taken up enough time on Sportscenter.

Those of us who work in television, know that its sweeps again.  For the regular person, let me explain what that means to you.  On your local news you could see a lot of well produced, sometimes over produced news.  Doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with what’s new and current, or you might even miss out on the actual news of the day.  But enough with news, you don’t care about that anyway, what you care about is what comes on before and after the news.  Primetime for example, all your favorite TV shows are spewing some of its best material this time of year.  After the season premieres back in the fall, most shows took a break and show about a month of reruns.  Well you don’t have to worry about that, not this month.  Not for nothin’, but what you watch, is being watched.

2012 is just around the corner, just two short years away?  Will the world come to an end?  Who knows, but in case it doesn’t, we got a lot to look forward to.  Especially in the summer of that year.  We’ll see the men and woman from all over get together for the world’s most important competition.  It will be game after game, it’ll spark debates all across the nation, people will go way too far in support of their side.  And in the end, lets hope America comes out on top.  No I’m not talking about the summer Olympics, I’m talking about the general election.  If President Obama has been doing anything over the past couple of years of his presidency, its been building a case for re-election.  But he’ll have some competition.  Who will the GOP throw up this time around?  Palin?  Romney?  Jindal?  Will any of them matter?  Not for nothin’, but it’ll be a sequel to some of the best and worst we saw in the general election season of 2008.

In one of the big headlines of the 2010 Winter Olympics, the US Mens Hockey team has defeated Canada for the first time in decades.  Not for nothin’, but strike one, it’s hockey, strike two it’s the Winter Olympics, and strike three, I’m using baseball references to describe another sport.

Another car crisis this year?  Haven’t heard much from the big three, Ford, General Motors and Chrysler yet.  But this year it looks like Toyota owners have the big worries now.  Fortunately it’s not financial, well at least for the business, but the company looks to be announcing recall after recall for various different models.  Not for nothin’, but does this mean sales for Mercedes’ are going up?  Not saying that many of us can afford them even still, but we’re running out of options of good vehicles.

This past week wasn’t a good week to say you were once on the republican presidential ticket (was there ever a good time to make that claim?).  Bob Dole was hospitalized due to pneumonia.  Also new information release that has former Vice-President Dick Cheney resting comfortably after being hospitalized with chest pains.  Not for nothin’, but if the Lord is looking for republicans to bring to Heaven, might Sarah Palin be considered?  Okay, I’m kidding, lets not be harsh.  She’ll probably be a better fit in hell anyway.

And speaking of hell, CBN’s own Pat Robertson had some not so kind words for Haitians.  Apparently according to Robertson, Haitians are responsible for the earthquake that killed a couple hundred thousand people and devastated the country.  As if they weren’t devastated enough, Robertson says that a long time ago, they made a deal with the devil to become free from the French and have been cursed since then.  Not for nothin’, but not that I am that well versed with the history of Haiti, but they gained independence from France well over 100 years ago, and Pat Robertson is only 79.  There’s no way he was alive then to make that deal with the Haitians.

Not for nothin’, but its good to have your pulse on news and information of our time.  But some of that new information can take a toll on getting that pulse.  I specifically referring to myself being out-of-pocket from this web log that I treasure so much.  Every since I started, I took advantage of my position as a journalist to keep myself update on current events.  Like many other Americans though, I would find myself unemployed and the desire to get back into the ranks of the gainfully employed took front stage from me just keeping up with news and information.  So after dozens of resumes, 12 interviews, five trips for face-to-face contact, two offers, and a partridge in a pear tree, I was finally able to land a job.  Not that I was counting, but it only took nine months, ten days, and 22 hours.  Unfortunately it came at a price.  Just hours after I accepted the job, my girlfriend gives me the unfortunate news that her job is being eliminated.  Just when I thought it was safe to say the market was looking better, it was a cold reminder that the storm has not passed us.  Thankfully there are still some of us here still willing to tell our stories to help us through it.

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