Paris Jackson

Janet Out of Control?

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson

A rift has formed in one of America’s most notable families. Three years after the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson, the custody of his three children is still under debate. A scene caught on tape at the home of Katherine Jackson, the matriarch of the Jackson family, shows a verbal disagreement between one of Michael’s kids and her aunt, Janet Jackson. The argument would turn physical where the two sides ended up using obscenities at one another. This is just one of a few incidents that included disagreements over the estate of the King of Pop, ongoing dispute of the custody of the three kids, and the reported of Katherine herself to have gone missing for several days. It would seem that this most recent episode happened between a passionate aunt and a teen, who like many teens, probably doesn’t want to feel oppressed by adult figures. But this family has made headlines before, but not just for their musical talents. Is the whole family out of control?

Arguably the highest profile family in America, the Jacksons rivals the British royal family, as a popular counterpart here in the United States. With fame comes the attention of the public. Michael Jackson kept the identity of his children hidden for years, almost never showing their faces in public, so they could live a normal life. In the years following his death, their normal life is turning to anything but. Paris, the most outspoken of the three, has been going to Twitter and tweeting up a storm about their family matters. Is that what’s at contention here, Paris’s Twitter account? Possibly, as reports of what was caught on tape say Janet slapped her niece Paris and called her a “spoiled little bitch,” as she tried to take her phone away from her. That’s when the younger Jackson fired back with a slap of her own and replied, “This is our house, not the Jackson family house. Get the fuck out!”

Now at this point, you may be thinking, what was she thinking? What ‘she’ would you be talking about? The pop diva who used an obscenity at a 14-year-old? Or, would you be referencing the little girl who’s using abusive language. Definitely language she shouldn’t be using when addressing an adult, much less an elder relative. Where did all this animosity come from? We’ve all heard of teenage angst, but is young Paris that tormented that she would cause aunt Janet to come at her like that?

There’s other things that come in to play here as well. Janet and a team of Jackson brothers rushed the home that day after the kids, allegedly over what was coming from Paris’s Twitter account. Some reports say she’s spilling the beans about private matters when the will of Michael Jackson and his estate is still in legal battle. There is some controversy as to the veracity of the current will and who are its benefactors. And then that leads us to Katherine Jackson who apparently “left” town for a number of days and was reported missing. She later admitted to ABC News that she took a trip to Arizona to visit another daughter. But because of her recent departure, she has temporarily lost custody of her grandchildren, who were left in her custody by her late superstar son.

Not for nothin’, but Michael Jackson’s estate is worth hundreds of millions, if not billions. Yeah he owed about a half a billion in debt when he died, but with the posthumous concerts, films, theater shows, they’ve made that money back already. This whole clash is essentially over money. There’s plenty of that to go around for that family. This is Michael Jackson we’re talking about. I think Janet was right. After all, being Michael Jackson’s kids, it has to be hard not to be spoiled. Paris should stop airing family business in public. And instead of tweeting her father’s lyrics, she should also start listening to Janet’s lyrics. Wait till you’re grown girl, and then you can take Control.

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