Olympics Opening Ceremony

Let The Games Begin

Olympics Opening Ceremony
Olympics Opening Ceremony

With the affirmation of by the Queen of England, “I declare open the games of London, celebrating the 30th Olympiad of the modern era,” the 2012 Summer Olympics have begun. For the next couple of weeks the 2012 Summer Olympics will feature magnificent competition on a world level that we can only see every four years. The opening ceremony held Friday July 27, was called the “Isle of Wonder”. As part of the opening ceremony, Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle put together a short film which would thrill audiences and eventually thrill the live audience at Olympic Stadium. In all, the ceremony, celebrations and the Parade of Nations gave us a great show to look forward to.

In the short film, James Bond, played by current James Bond actor Daniel Craig, entered Buckingham Palace and escorted Queen Elizabeth II to a waiting helicopter. The two then took a ride over London and to the stadium. The end of the film show the two parachuting out of the chopper where the live audience would see the same thing, but actors dressed as Bond and the Queen, jumping out of the chopper in their parachutes and into the stadium.

That wasn’t all of the fun though. Throughout the spectacular show we saw a mix of dancing, acting and musical performances. People flying with jetpacks, dozens of Mary Poppins’ all over the place, it almost seemed as if it wouldn’t stop. Then the highlight of the exhibition came, Mr. Bean. There’s a chance he could have stole the show. As one of Britain’s most accomplished exports in a comedic realm, Mr. Bean, played by Rowan Atkinson, was on the set with the London Symphony Orchestra playing a single note on a synthesizer to the tune of “Chariots of Fire”. Full, with the mute antics and facial twitches that only Mr. Bean could do, he would then start to daydream himself in the movie running on the beach alongside the runners that were training in the film.

Then the Parade of Nations brought us a couple hours athletes, flag waiving, picture taking and about a dozen countries you’ve never heard of. There are some countries with hundreds of athletes, while some other countries only have a couple. Then there are some athlete’s without a country vying for gold as well. It was nice to see all the representatives, from over two hundred countries worldwide, all in one place smiling, greeting each other, a show of great humanity. This, a day before they will be squaring off against one another, hoping to best each other in their respective game. No one has any special powers over another, athletes aren’t more technically advance than their opponents and we’re all on an even playing field. The only way this could be won, is to separate on one-on-one. Everyone in the world wants their team/country to excel and dominate the opponent, and that’s okay. After all, we’re not killing each other.

Not for nothin’, but can it ever be possible for countries to settle their differences at the Olympics. Let’s grant the Taliban and religious extremist statehood so they can “play ball” with us. If you think you stand a chance, then show up and prove it. There’s the Olympic Truce, where countries involved in war have agreed to a cease-fire, according to United Nations rules. But how far can we take that?

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