LGBT flag

A New Civil Rights Movement?

LGBT flag
LGBT flag

A certain group of people are involved in a heated debate where the public are now taking sides. But what’s more disturbing, in some respects this group is being treated differently than others. That’s the textbook definition of discrimination, which in the United States, is highly frowned upon to say the least, but it’s also illegal according to state and federal laws. But depending on the type of discrimination, some are highly unfavorable while others have been given a silent nod. The issue of sexual identity is a polarizing subject to America and much of the world. Recently, issues of gay marriage is the newest subject to divide America, to the point where people are putting their lives in danger, fighting for their belief. It’s a type of situation that our country has seen before, years ago when blacks were fighting for their civil rights. Similar, but quite different. But how do rights between the two groups differ?

Chick-fil-A received criticism and praise over their stance on the issue of gay marriage. A Minnesota man almost set himself on fire at the General Mills headquarters in a demonstration in opposition of same-sex marriage. Also, a man who was a volunteer at a community center for gay people, went to the headquarters of a conservative lobbying group and opened fire. He was armed with a gun and Chick-fil-A sandwiches. All of these instances in just a matter of weeks. People are so passionate about having gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and their right to marry one another, they are taking it to dangerous levels. It is important to note that while this spirited debate is in no comparison to what millions of black people have gone through over the past couple centuries and are still going through, there still lies some likenesses.

Decades ago there were laws that prevented interracial marriages. After slavery and segregation, black people were considered second-class citizens, vastly different and not equal to their caucasian counterparts. These days, traditionalist see homosexuals in the same light. How else could anti-discrimination laws not be modified to include sexual preference? And why do people still support bans on gay marriage and same-sex unions? Are gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people who different and unequal to you and I that they are not afforded the same rights and benefits? President Barack Obama, came out in support of same-sex earlier this year. Unpopular to many, but his stance is that he’s of the belief that our country stronger when all Americans have access to opportunity and are able to participate fully in our economy.

Many of the arguments against gay marriage are religious based. Whether its God only recognizes a marriage between a man and a woman, or for procreation reasons, or just God condemns homosexual activity. Those are faith-based arguments and it’s going to be hard to shake someone off of their devotion. However, logical arguments aren’t as easily defended. Even some of those divine quarrels can be combated. As far as kids are concerned, more and more men and woman couples are getting married without the possibility of being able to have kids. Women who are past their child baring years are also getting married. Neither of those groups are being restricted from marriage. No scientific study has yet to surface saying that children are better off with two opposite sex parents as opposed to two same-sex parents. More over, would you rather an parentless child be raised by abusive adults, or just any two adults that can love and raise the child properly? So many traditions nowadays weren’t even thought of years ago. As a society we progress. Culture is always adapting, overcoming and improvising. If God really condemns homosexuality, then he’d see it as immoral. The world would be a different place if we followed rules of morality to the T. Immoral behavior comes from principles that harm is inflicted upon someone. So if no one is harmed, can a behavior be condemned?

Not for nothin’, but we share a common flag of red, white and blue in this country. Why can’t all of our freedoms, and who we are, represent something too? People cannot help who they are. Black people never liked being discriminated against. And it’s just flat-out wrong for anyone to feel that way because of who they are.

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