Mitt Romney

Making a Case for 45 With the “47 Percent”

Mitt Romney
Republican candidate Mitt Romney

Republican nominee for president Mitt Romney has had a lot to talk about during his campaign to become president of the United States. A new video has surface and is making its rounds on the internet, news and late night talk shows. In a $50,000 per plate campaign fundraiser dinner back in May, Governor Romney was secretly taped speaking to a crowd of just over a couple dozen, essentially saying how he is not counting on votes from a certain 47 percent of our population. Governor Romney called out almost half of the voting population saying that they are dependent on government help and they will continue to side with President Obama “no matter what”. This comment, that Romney has stood behind in post-fallout explanations, is one of the several remarks that were made in the gathering in Florida of some of his biggest donors there. Many of those comments, along with the “47 percent” comment are becoming a new focal point in the race, in what some are calling a turning point. But as more of the video tape is released, we have Governor Romney and surrogates defending his comments by saying they weren’t articulated as well as he wanted.

“There are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent on government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.” Those are his exact words that were recorded, released and uncovered by the grandson of President Jimmy Carter. Now we’re all left to try to figure out who is in this 47 percent that Governor Romney called out. Well according to him, it’s a 47 percent of the population that does not pay income taxes. So by Governor Romney’s definition and explanation, those who are receiving aid from the government, like retirees, veterans and of course low-income families, are not going to vote for him no matter what he does. Are we to believe that our potential 45th president has written half of us off? Well it’s not hard to believe that some of those 47 percenters, many of those in fact, are likely Romney supporters as they possibly had conservative views. If he’s not counting them then he has a lot to make up for.

This leaked tape and the comments made by Governor Romney are becoming the hot topic in the election. Not just for president, but it’s having a trickle down effect as well. Several other republican candidates are distancing themselves from Mitt Romney and what he had said. But there are others out there who continue to support the candidate. Wrong or right, whether the actual number of people who don’t pay income taxes is close to 47 percent, or if Romney is not concerned about getting their vote, it’s becoming the talking point. But if this is the truth, who will it hurt? Mitt Romney contends he was trying to reach a population of voters in the middle. But this is where the translation is getting lost. The voting relationship between those who are getting help from the government and the group of people who it’ll take to win the election is essentially two different subjects.

Not for nothin’ but this could be one of those turning points that cause a campaign to go downhill. The 47 percent comment was one of many subjects Governor Romney touched on. Some were addressed later, but some weren’t. I can’t be sure he’s helping his case in regards to everything else that was release in the video like statements on Middle East relations, off-cuff jokes, and even how our countries racial makeup plays a part in political elections. Much of the tape made the Republican candidate seem brash, even more so than what many had already perceived. Some voters, probably more than the “47 percent” thought that Mitt Romney was out of touch with the American people. Then for them, and many others, this secret tape tells us a lot of what we already knew.

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