Muslim Rage

Just Another Muslim Protest?

Muslim Rage
Newsweek’s Muslim Rage

Dozens of protest have been ongoing in various cities throughout the world, primarily in the Middle East. There’s no telling how much of the Western world has noticed this “Muslim rage”, but the cause of these protest is part of the growing reason why millions of Muslims are becoming upset. Religious insensitivity is not as much of a crime of passion or cause for unrest for many Americans, but it does apparently cause a spark in other religions, specifically Islam. Just over a week ago protest erupted in Benghazi, Libya which focused their anger over a film that negatively depicted the Islamic Prophet Muhammad toward a U.S. Embassy. Demonstrators stormed the compound and overtook it. Close to 30 people were wounded and four Americans were killed, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. This is one of a few cases of protestors denouncing religious insensitivity we have seen over the past couple weeks. It’s not the first time we’ve seen turmoil in the Middle East, and probably will not be the last. But is this most current chaos exclusively a Middle Eastern problem?

Freedom of religion is one thing many Americans take for granted. Another freedom widely accepted without second thought is freedom of speech. Those two do not clash as much in our country than what they would in other countries. But what we are seeing is a cross-nation debate of those two freedoms and two different cultures. Muslims see their religion desecrated by the Western culture with various offensive cartoons images, Quran burn sessions staged, and this most recent film, the Innocence of Muslims. When some of the instances are perpetrated by Americans it is no wonder why the Muslim frustration is focused on Americans. So the short answer is, yes America, this is something you should keep an eye on. It’s not just a Middle Eastern problem, it’s collectively a problem we all should be concerned with.

So while anarchy has over taken the streets in so many cities of predominate Islamic nations, there are others there who do maintain to keep the peace. Contrary to what some believe, Muslims aren’t savages as described by one blogger in one of today’s most controversial advertisements, yet another incendiary medium to cause strife between two cultures. Whether it was in response to the film, or a planned terrorist attack, armed militia are the ones responsible for the violent attack in Libya. Just like any civilized nation, the government there and everywhere else where these anti-American protest are taking place are against the uprisings and are trying to combat it. So as this rash of violent dissent is not the way to describe a people, as they do seek lawfulness and order, “Muslim rage” or “Islamic extremist” is not the way to describe a whole religion. But as our two cultures and freedoms continue to clash, this will not continue to be just another Muslim protest.

Not for nothin’ but if you have been paying attention to what’s currently going on in the Middle East, you may be inclined to think that the way Muslims handle their problems is by violently protesting. Well that’s almost like saying the way for Christians to deal with a religion they don’t like or understand is by ridiculing it. It’s odd that all of this happens when most believers of Christianity, Islam, Judaism or what have you believe in unity and love. It should go without saying to everyone, no matter what religion you prescribe to, if you want to believe in peace then you should live in peace as well.

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