Tim Tebow

Terrible Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow

New York Jets football player Tim Tebow is again making day-to-day headlines in the NFL. This time around the quarterback is getting ripped by his own teammates calling him “terrible”. Wednesday, the New York Daily News spoke with several Jets players and employees who spoke anonymously being very critical of Tebow’s abilities as a quarterback. The New York Jets have disappointed fans this season by coming into week 11 with a 3 – 6 record. Their starting quarterback Mark Sanchez is not doing well as the current starter and fans and media are clamoring for a change. What change? Any change would do to get them back on track, but as the face of the team everyone is looking at the quarterback, but if you ask over a dozen players and employees of the Jets, Tim Tebow is not a viable option. This comes after head coach Rex Ryan has said several times over the past few weeks that Mark Sanchez gives them the “best chance of winning.”

Rather fortunate or unfortunate, this is something that Tim Tebow has heard before from professional teammates and NFL peers. After playing two years with the Denver Broncos, being named the starter halfway through his second season and leading the team to a playoff win, Tebow was traded to the Jets in the offseason. He was never really considered becoming the starter in New York, but just as an offensive weapon. So far this year Tebow has only played a handful of plays and only threw five passes in nine games. Coach Rex Ryan and the New York Jets organization are the ones who see Tim Tebow perform on a daily basis and know what he can do and what to expect. The decision to place him as starter is theirs to make. But as the media attention focuses more heavily on the dismal season the Jets are having the Tebow debate will continue.

So how warranted is the controversy? One side of the argument says that he is not a good NFL quarterback, he throws horribly, his timing is off. His statistics show and his previous and current coaches know he does not have what it takes. The other argument says he’s a great person with a strong work ethic. He’s a playmaker who’s on-field and game-time performance is shown through his faith. But in actuality none of that translates to him being a starting quarterback at the helm of the team. Only so few people can say if Tim Tebow has been given his fair shot and know what his real worth.

Tebow was an outstanding player in college even winning a Heisman trophy. But how does Tebow’s short career compare to other quarterbacks who deserved as much attention. In the past 20 years, Tebow is the only one of six Heisman winning quarterbacks taken in the first round that hasn’t gotten serious time and consideration in offseason training camp as the team’s starting quarterback. None of the other Heisman winners in the past 20 years were drafted before the fourth round, if at all. No one is asking him to be a hall of famer (only two Heisman winning QBs are in the hall of fame) but the point of all games is to win. We hope the Denver Broncos drafted him in the first round in order to win games. We also hope that the New York Jets traded for him to do the same.

Not for nothin’ but the New York Jets and the Denver Broncos have no one but themselves to blame for the heat they’re taking over Tim Tebow. Yes, the Jets know if he has the goods, but to have traded for him causing the media sensation this year was a joke and not fair to anyone involved. When the Denver Broncos drafted him in the first round it was a joke and not fair to anyone involved either. If Tim Tebow is really that bad he could simply be released. He definitely didn’t have to be drafted in the first round. That’s what the combine and scouting is all about. If you are going to bring him on your team as a quarterback then he is automatically considered as a viable option as quarterback. And if he’s a real and viable option, he should be considered as a starter, especially if your current one is not getting the job done.

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