Ricin Attack: The crazy true story behind a presidential assassination attempt

Paul Kevin Curtis

The news story that keeps on giving. We have threats to the president, an Elvis impersonator, deadly poisons, a setup, martial arts, FBI raids, and outrageous quotes all wrapped up in one event. All true too. One can barely write fiction better than this.

On the heels of a terror attack in Boston, letters addressed to President Barack Obama and Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker were intercepted after it was found that the envelopes contained the deadly poison ricin. Authorities later announced they had made an arrest of a Mississippi man, Paul Kevin Curtis, on suspicion of mailing the letters, two to a mail facility in Washington, D.C. and a third a week earlier to a judge in Mississippi. It would just take a couple of days for the federal case to break apart and Curtis would be released and charges against him dropped. But the story from there gets better.

Paul Kevin Curtis, an entertainer and Elvis impersonator, is telling his story to anyone who’d listen. His claim that he was framed and falsely arrested is starting to ring true.

When he was being questioned about the ricin scare, one of his first responses was, “Rice?! I don’t even eat rice!” It still took him a bit to figure out not only what ricin is, but what he was being charged with.

The evidence against Curtis seemed circumstantial at best. He was likely brought into the focus of investigators because of his social media persona. The letters that were sent contained some information that is associated to Curtis’ social media profile including quotes he’d use, the name of the book he’s writing and even his initials “KC”.

Searches were launched at his home, he was questioned but nothing was found.

This poor guy was pulled through the wringer, probably over some old vendetta. But nonetheless Curtis is free and ready to assume his normal life and career, whatever that may be.

One would think that it would be unfortunate for anyone to go through that, but it looks we can say Kevin Curtis is fortunate for his 15 minutes of fame. The shots he’s taking to shine his own personal light through this troubled time are as obvious as his thick country Mississippi accent. So in addition to now knowing he had nothing to do with this, we also know, from his own word, that he’s a struggling musician, he’s looking to help out several charities and he’s been trying to get a book published. Hey, if you’re in that business, you’ve got to get your name out there somehow. Why not use the wrongfully accused platform.

Not for nothin’ but let’s not forget there’s still someone out there who tried to kill the president. It could be easy to forget that in this maze of the wrong man being arrested. An investigation continues, but the only hard evidence that exist is the letters were mailed from a post office in Memphis, Tennessee.

Curtis, a practicing martial artist, pointed suspicion at another martial artist. This guy is also claiming he had nothing to do with it, but the FBI raided his taekwondo studio anyway. Maybe he did and tried to setup his former fighting and/or music rival. Or maybe neither one had anything to do with it and they’re taking advantage of a crazed lunatics assassination attempt to try to screw each other over. But let’s see if this story gets any better once they actually have the guy that did it.

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