Jack is Coming Back

Jack BauerIt’s being reported that the Fox network is considering a revival for their hit Emmy award-winning television drama 24. Kiefer Sutherland is in talks to reprise his role of the federal agent Jack Bauer, who will literally will stop at nothing to save the country and the president, one day at a time. The show ended its initial run in May 2010 as a surprise to many fans. And considering a much talked about movie has never materialized, this is the best news enthusiasts have had since its conclusion.

For those unfamiliar with the show, each season of 24 covers one day in the life of Jack Bauer, who is faced with perilous situations hour by hour in his effort to save the country from the grip of terrorism and government corruption. Because each show in the 24 episode season, takes place over the course of an hour, it is recounted and shown in “real-time”. The show is faced-paced, showing multiple things occurring at the same time. Most if not all scenes imply that time is of the essence as a digital clock is prominently displayed throughout the show giving viewers a look into minute by minute narration.

Kiefer Sutherland starred in every episode of the eight season run from 2001 to 2010. For the past two years, Sutherland has been attached to another Fox drama, Touch, which announced its cancellation almost simultaneously as the new planned revival of Sutherland’s first venture with the network was reported. The new revival has yet to be officially confirmed by either Fox, the show’s writer/producer Howard Gordon, nor Sutherland but executive producer David Fury announced on Twitter that the show will be set for a limited 13 episode run, instead of the traditional 24.

A movie version of 24 was also planned. Immediately after it was announced that the eighth season would be the last, a feature film version was brought up. A script was written. Locations in Europe had been scouted. They initially planned to shoot at the end of 2010, but that was put off after additional rewrites were ordered. The film failed to get a green light and in March 2012, 20th Century Fox announced that timing, budget and salaries basically put it off indefinitely. It was until the cancellation of Touch gave way for an open schedule for Sutherland where this new opportunity would present itself.

Television revivals have been done in the past. Done with various shows like Dragnet, Perry Mason or Columbo. It’s also done in cases where a network would end a series, only to have it picked up by a specialty cable television channel, like SyFy or the USA Network, where they could continue the series. Unlike a spin-off or remake, the revival keeps the same cast and concept, essentially picking up where it was left off. 24 is one show that we can say for sure that it will not miss a beat.

Not for nothin’ but there’s a lack of must-see addictive television shows on television these days. Reality show are consistently being rated high among the most watch shows year after year. But there’s nothing like loosing yourself in the world of fictional drama week after week. It’s an addiction that not many shows can accomplish better than 24. Who knows how this “limited” run will play out. If it’s revived for this brief run, perhaps it could see further life. 24 does have its share of critics, Jack Bauer goes way too far in several cases to get the job done. Torture and Islamic terrorist are portrayed in a less than forgiving light. But its hard to argue against a formula that was successful and kept fans coming back every year.

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