Justin Bieber called out by Keyshawn?!?

Keyshawn vs. BieberYes, that’s Keyshawn Johnson I’m talking about. The former NFL wide receiver, now ESPN analyst, is being reported to have chased down pop star Justin Bieber after he saw the teen speeding down the road, and attempted to confront him about the violation.

Keyshawn was just leaving a party late Monday night when he spotted Bieber’s Ferrari zooming by at a ridiculous speeds in their exclusive Los Angeles gated community in Calabasas. Eyewitnesses tell TMZ that the sports superstar then dropped off his child and, while driving his Prius, chased down the Ferrari back to Bieber’s house.

Keyshawn then blocked in Justin’s Ferrari in the driveway and got out looking for the kid for a face-to-face. Justin had already ran inside the home and after Keyshawn’s verbal attempts to get him out, Bieber refused.

A couple of people had called the police who responded to the residence. One of the calls likely came from Keyshawn, but it could have been anyone considering Bieber’s past driving habits. Eric Dickerson, NFL Hall of Fame running back, tweeted, “I live in Calabasas too and @justinbieber needs to slow his ass down.”

In July of last year Bieber was pulled over on a Los Angeles freeway for driving at speeds of over 100 miles per hour on 65 mph road. Earlier this year a photographer was killed after he pursued Bieber’s car to take a picture of him (Bieber was not in the car). And just two months ago a complaint from a neighbor was filed with the sheriff’s office on Bieber after a verbal confrontation escalated, which stemmed from the Bieb’s reckless driving in their neighborhood.

So who knows where this will lead. Criminal charges for Bieber? Traffic violation? Well the one thing we can say for sure is there’s more bad blood between the neighbors of the Calabasas community, and Justin Bieber is in the center of it.

Bieber has yet to respond to the incident, but there are several others who are. In addition to Dickerson’s tweet, he also tweeted a picture of his own Ferrari, saying he knows the speed limit. In fact, Twitter is flooded with tweets of the event, some commenting on the imagery of a 6’4″ Keyshawn going toe-to-to with a 5’7″ Bieber. Others tweeting on the fact that Bieber actually got chased down in his Ferrari by a Prius.

Not for nothin’ but we’re used to Keyshawn calling out quarterbacks with his now famous, “throw me the damn ball,” it’s enjoyable to see him ranting at irresponsible teens too. It’s obvious Bieber has a history involving his driving and history with disputes with neighbors. If the law isn’t doing anything about it, apparently the former NFL star, turned traffic vigilante will.

Let’s see if Bieber continues with his behavior and who else in Calabasas he can clash with. If anything, it gives us a fun little story to tell.

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