Steve Seagal taking on terrorist…in real life

steven seagalSteven Seagal is facilitating a meeting between U.S. delegates and Russian nationals to help investigate the bombing at a national sporting event in Boston. No, that isn’t a tagline from the actor’s most recent movie, but a real-life headline. The famed martial artist and action movie star is said to have “opened doors” to set up meetings for a visiting U.S. delegation in Russia.

The congressional delegation was a group of lawmakers there to investigate the Boston marathon bombing. One of the suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, spent several months last year in a southern region of Russia. During the week-long visit the congressional delegation were able to meet with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin, a meeting that may not have happened if Seagal never had reached out.

Apparently Russians are huge fans of Seagal, as they are also looking at him to head up an international marketing campaign for weapon sales. But this most recent trip had Seagal in Moscow with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) to discuss the United States and Russia’s counterterrorism efforts.

In fact, Rohrabacher says he and Seagal often have talks about “thwarting radical Islamic terrorism” and now having Seagal using his contacts to help pave the way for a sit down with Russian officials is part of that effort.

Rohrabacher came out of the meeting saying there was “nothing specific” that could have helped prevent the marathon bombings in Boston, but pressed for better relations between the U.S. and Russia to keep people in both countries safe.

Steven Seagal has starred in over 40 movies since the late 1980s. He started out with a string of successful films with Above the Law, Hard  to Kill, Marked for Death and Out for Justice. Most after that were direct to video.

As a 7th degree black belt in Aikido, he first gained international status as an instructor, opening up a dojo in Japan. Seagal’s fighting skills were so sought after, he’s even given credit to help train UFC Middlewight Champion Anderson Silva, who is constantly among the talk as pound-for-pound, the best fighter in the world. In the past couple of years though, we’ve seen him on the small screen, starring in his own reality show, Steven Seagal: Lawman. Believe it or not, but he is actually a deputized law enforcement officer in Louisiana.

Not for nothin’ but if terrorist weren’t scared before, we now have “Casey Fucking Ryback” on our team. Corrupt politicians, drug dealers, murders, and criminals of all types have all met their end in his fictional world. Now the non-fiction version will have a crack at them. If anything, at least the U.S. congressional delegation that met with Russian politicians and security officials felt a much more safer considering their travel companion. The war on terror will be a slam dunk from here on out.

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