The wedding gift that keeps on giving

kimyeIt’s hard to ignored it, and even harder to say you haven’t heard, but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting married, and you’re going to hear about it one way or another. With less than a week until the wedding of reality star Kim Kardashian and hip-hop superstar Kanye West, America finds itself in the midst of a media blitz leading up to the highly publicized nuptials.

This is as to be expected with many celebrity weddings, let alone a reality star’s wedding, and with two celebrities getting hitched, it makes it all the more important right?

Well this would be Kanye’s first venture into marriage, but we’ve seen this type of blow out before with his bride. Kim Kardashian has been married twice already, and the second time around was just as a spectacle as this one building up to be. In October 2011, E! air a two-part special showing the wedding preparation and the wedding itself between Kim and her then husband Kris Humphries.

So this time around the happy couple is flying out to do the deed in Europe. Kim arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, complete with 12 suitcases, on her way to Florence where the ceremony is reportedly to be taking place. But no celebrity wedding is complete without extravagant wedding gifts.

It is now reported that Kim’s ex-boyfriend, and co-star of her infamous sex-tape, Ray J, is giving her and Kanye a check for $47,000 from profits made from the sex-tape just this year alone. It works out to $6100 from January, 20K from February, over 9600 in March and another 10K last months for a total of $46,840.

Now I bet you’re saying to yourself one of two things, “What a jerk!”. Yes, we can all agree that this is the latest of Ray J’s jerk-moves when it comes to Kim Kardashian.

And you’re also wondering “Exactly how much money is this tape making for him to give her $47K in profits from just this year?” Well for starters, that’s just the profit’s he’s making. No telling how much Kim is making off of it, which in all likelihood is more. TMZ is reporting sources from Vivid Entertainment say the tape has raked in $50 million since it became public in 2007.

Not for nothin’ but why is Ray J still making headlines? This sex-tape is really becoming his only claim to fame, more so than him being the little brother of R&B star Brandy Norwood. One would think that anyone who wanted to see this tape over the past seven years would have seen it already as its readily available with any internet browser.

But as Ray J still continues to try to remain relevant, you kind of have to feel bad for Kanye. Between two marriages and a life on display in TV, Kim seemingly comes with more baggage than the dozen suitcases she brought with her to Paris. But it’s not like Kanye didn’t already know.

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