Another Jeopardy master in our midst

Julia CollinsOne of America’s favorite game shows Jeopardy! has been a household name for nearly 30 years. Well now some of the more well-known contestants who have competed on the show are also becoming household names.

This week, it looks as if we’re gaining another familiar face on the Mount Rushmore of Jeopardy!The latest returning champion Julia Collins is certainly making an impression on viewers and making history along the way.

Friday she gained he second highest money total in a non-tournament in show history with $428,100. With that, she also took sole possession of second place on most consecutive victories in show history with 20. Her latest win, had her going into Final Jeopardy with just over a $2000 lead, was probably the toughest challenge she’s had in two weeks. And fortunately for her, she is showing no signs of slowing down.

Far and away being the most dominant female contestant ever on the show, her remarkable run is the best in 10 years since the Jeopardy! champion poster-child Ken Jennings. Back in 2004 Jennings made his own history and shattered every previous record to that point by going on a 74 episode win streak, accumulating near $2.5 million in winnings. Jennings, perhaps the most well-known contestant on the quiz show, has gone on to do other Jeopardy! tournaments, other TV game shows and received various endorsements.

As great as he was though, Jennings does not hold the record for most money ever made in Jeopardy!. That record, along with the record for most money ever made in any American game show, goes to Brad Rutter who managed to beat Jennings in two different special tournaments for a total of over $4 million. He also made other game show appearances after his Jeopardy! run. But from what we’ve seen from Jeopardy!‘s current champion, Julia Collins, she too is in line for far more winnings than her current total in the show.

So where will Julia Collins run end? Who’s to say. But considering we do know that Jeopardy! is taped, there’s something we can take away from knowing that her shows were taped in the winter. It’s also been reported that she quit her job as a business consultant.

Not for nothin’ but even though she’s far from the consecutive appearances record, and only a fraction of the most money ever made on the show, she is easily one of the greatest participants we’ve ever seen on Jeopardy!–and she’s still going.

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