Full moon on Friday the 13th

Tomorrow, June 13, 2014 marks one of the most extraordinary days in recent history. No, there’s no special events involving celebrities, no holidays or breakthrough in technology. June 13, 2014 (officially at 12:11 a.m. tonight!) will place two of the most unpopular days of our calender on the same day. It’ll be a full moon on Friday the 13th.

The two events alone are notorious for having bad events happen on that day, but Friday will be the first time in several years that the two have fallen on the same day.

Just looking at calenderFriday 13 - Full moon happenstance, every year we get 12 full moons and two or three days where the 13th falls on a Friday, so it’s bound to happen at some point. It’s not so rare that we’d only see it every millennium, when actually over the past one hundred years we’ve seen it seven times before. The last being in 2000 but we won’t see it again until 2049.

There really is no proof or any special statistics that support any negative connotation associated with either day, either a full moon or Friday the 13th, but each has seen its share of unfortunate stigma in fiction as well as in real life.

Friday the 13th is quite famous for being the title of a movie franchise that most people have heard of, if not seen. But the filmmakers didn’t just randomly pull the name out of nowhere.

Friday the 13 has been considered an unlucky day long before 1980. The debate is open as to when though. A lot of people point toward a 1907 book by popular novelist Thomas Lawson titled “Friday, the Thirteenth” where a stock broker decided to use that day to create a panic on Wall Street. Other people say it comes from both the number 13 and the day Friday as being unlucky.

The number 12 is considered divine to many as its reflected in 12 Apostles of Jesus, 12 tribes of Israel, and 12 gods of Olympus. More focus is put on 12 being special with 12 months of year, 12 hours of the day, 12 Zodiac signs and the list goes on. Evidently, 12 is a hard act to follow. Unfortunately for 13 though, it unsuccessfully tries to do just that.

Friday’s on the other hand, were labeled unlucky in the 14th century’s The Cantebury Tales. As an added bonus, Christians worldwide relate Friday as the day Jesus was crucified, on Good Friday, just before Easter.

The night of a full moon, isn’t really considered unlucky, but probably superstitious. The lunar effect causes a stir in biology and geology that’s really both science and science fiction.

We’ve seen the moon give meaning to the odd report of a rise in dog bites, and also termed “lunatic” as a way to describe at least behavior due to the moon.

Phases of the moon have given possible explanation to various experiences that occur to the human body.  Some say it has effects reproduction, aggressive behavior, and sleep. We do know that the moon does impact our world, particularly the influence with large bodies of water with the tidal cycle. Some scientist even believe that most of the biggest earthquakes in the past century happened within days of a full moon.

Combing both biology and geology, having a moon our size with water on our planet, could be the reason why we have life on Earth altogether.

But the one thing that the full moon is famous for is bringing out the mythical phenomena of werewolves. The werewolf fiction is usually binded with the belief in witches, ghost and vampires, where when that all started back in the Middle Ages there was a lack of people with sense. A 19th century eastern European mythology states that a person could turn into a werewolf if they, on a certain Wednesday or Friday, slept outside on a summer night with the full moon shining directly on his or her face. Hmmm…a Friday in the summer night with a full moon.

Not for nothin’ but I doubt we’re gonna see any werewolves or hockey-masked murderers this Friday, but I’m not gonna be out and about to find out.

Full moon…people will party in its light. Children will run in fear of its sight. Dogs who never will start to bite. Murderers will murder this very night. 

Got a bad feeling all of that will ring true somewhere. 



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