Keep America Great

Keep America Great. Looks like that’s what we’re going with this time around for the Donald Trump for President campaign for the 2020 General Election.

President Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of thousands at the Amway Center in Orlando, FL Tuesday afternoon to launch his re-election campaign. And while the crowd was filled with the traditional red, “Make America Great Again” hats, it was the “Keep America Great” banner spread across the arena.

One may think that any campaign kickoff would be filled with accomplishment bragging, singling out potential general election opponents, or a vision of America’s future over the next four years. We didn’t get much of any of that, but instead it was mixed in with more past grievances, shots at a defeated political opponent and pandering to the crowd.

But hey, none of that is against the rules in launching a campaign. Do whatever you want that will get you re-elected. All is fair in love and elections. Well, almost all. Having the White House Communications Director on stage at a campaign event is a little rule bender, but lets face it, rule bending is kind of how President Trump got to where he is now.

But will all those bent rules help him “keep America great”? And if we’re progressing to the “Keep America Great” rhetoric, should we believe that America is great again after his previous “Make America Great Again” became his national promise and battle cry?

If anything, the “Keep America Great” will service as a divisive lightning rod for 2020 democratic hopefuls, similar to its 2016 slogan counterpart. We are only hours deep in the KAG campaign and I’m already hearing the 2020 democratic nominee next year saying how not-so-great America is (or has been under a Donald Trump presidency). Which of course would be in contrast to that same individual saying how great America was before his presidency and MAGA campaign.

So now it begins, the 2020 election season. Both sides declaring. Both sides saying their right, and that the other is wrong. Both sides with their own vision to make (and keep) America great. Today one side made its case on a national stage. Next week the side of 20 others gets to make their cases.

But let’s not be fooled into President Trump has started his re-election campaign on June 19, 2019. He filed for re-election the day he was inaugurated. In fact, any good politician will tell you one of the primary purposes of holding office is to win re-election. So just know that everything you’ve seen from the Executive Office over the past four years is about to be amplified.

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