One of the biggest Coronavirus myths…busted

In an effort to not prolong the point of reading this I’ll simply state; you cannot get coronavirus by touching an infected surface.

Well, at least according to the governing body we’re heeding all warnings from. In what may be the global pandemic’s best kept secret of COVID-19, the Center for Disease Control flat out says, right on their website nonetheless, “Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) to persons from surfaces contaminated with the virus has not been documented.”

In all honesty that’s rather simply put. But to state it again, out of the 12 million confirmed cases, over a quarter of a million deaths from coronavirus in America, not one of them have gotten infected after touching a surface or something that has coronavirus on it.

So does that leave the notion that all the washing, sanitizing and disinfecting of our hands, tables, work stations and cleaning of everything imaginable that we’ve been doing since March is now pointless? Well, not exactly.

That’s part of what makes this the “novel” in novel coronavirus. Just in itself, coronavirus is a few different viruses (some are also know as the common cold), but this new strand has not been previously identified in humans. That is at the root of fear of the pandemic, the unknown. But as far as contracting COVID-19, we do know that its spread from person to person through air droplets when people are within close contact.

A year ago when we were first thrust into the coronavirus world, the unknowns made the world go into a literal panic. Some to the very extreme, but others for absolute necessity. Now wearing mask and social distancing are a part of our norm. Wiping down and cleaning door handles, countertops, shopping carts and everything else shouldn’t be as much any more.

According to Dr. Dean Blumberg, a doctor of infectious disease at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, “(COVID-19) probably doesn’t survive in an appreciable concentration to be transmitted via surfaces.”

There’s some research that says COVID-19 could stay alive on a surface for a few hours up to three days, however the amount of virus on the surface is not enough live virus to infect a person who comes into contact with it.

While it still may be possible to contract COVID-19 by touching a surface (I’m not the one to absolve this unknown from all responsibility) it’ll almost have to be a perfect storm for you to get sick. You’d have to take your finger, touch in the exact spot where a high enough concentration of coronavirus existed that survived long enough on the surface, of the exact spot you touched, then you have to touch your eyes, nose or mouth.

So should we still be washing, sanitizing and disinfecting? There are tons of viruses out there, and there have been since the beginning of time with many of them being dangerous and deadly. Considering what we now know, its only consequential in the terms of we should be doing all of that in general, coronavirus or no coronavirus.

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