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Another NBA owner apologizing for racist comments?

mark cubanYes, a second team owner in the National Basketball Association has found himself apologizing for making comments that could be racist, or at least insensitive. The Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spoke in an interview Wednesday with Inc. Magazine at a business conference in Nashville. He was talking on a range of topics which included his take on the scandal that his fellow NBA owner Donald Sterling found himself. Continue reading Another NBA owner apologizing for racist comments?

America’s newest supervillain?

sterlingIs Donald Sterling America’s newest super-villain? Well he’s at least the newest face of racism in America. The National Basketball’s Association commissioner Adam Silver handed down the punishment to Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in the wake of publicized comments he made in regards to African-Americans.

In addition to a lifetime ban from the NBA, Sterling is also being fined $2.5 million and possibly forced to sell the franchise.

Quite a steep penalty to pay, but according to, not only public outcry, but also to the delight of several vocal NBA players, this maximum punishment handed down is just about right. And unfortunately, even though it seems harsh, this super-villain, like all the others, may just have the last laugh.

The tape that was released just a couple of days ago, had Sterling verbally upset over his girlfriend associating with African-Americans. Sterling’s girlfriend, who herself is half-black, took a picture and posted it on Instagram of herself and NBA legend Magic Johnson.

Sterling was heard on the tape saying, “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?” Sterling continued, “You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask is you is not to promote it on that…and not to bring them to my games.”

The tape also goes into Sterling’s feelings on NBA owners, his feelings on holocaust and other disparaging remarks on various other athlete’s and friends of his girlfriend, who appeared on her Instagram account.

Whatever kind of convoluted relationship Sterling had with his girlfriend, Commissioner Adam Silver made sure that he, nor anyone else involved with the NBA, doesn’t have the same. Sterling is immediately barred from attending any NBA practices or games, including the Clippers playoff run this year. He is also not welcome in any Clippers office or facility, team meeting, business or player personnel decision. Sterling is not allowed in any league business at all.

But the rain on Sterling’s parade pretty much ends there. And the fact is, that’s probably just a little drizzle to him.

The lifetime ban and the $2.5 million fine, while probably warranted, is probably just a show. This is America and you have the right to say whatever you want, but as long as it’s not illegal to be a racist, no one can do anything about it but disagree with you and distance themselves, which is essentially what the NBA is doing. It’s their league, they can ban him and fine him whatever they want. But does that really matter to an old multi-millionaire who’s probably not gonna change and attend many basketball games any more anyway? And Not for nothin’ but Sterling will still come out on top after he’s forced to sale the team, netting him half a billion dollars in the process. That’s not losing.

NBA: Not Bad at All

Kobe Bryant and Lakers celebrate victory in NBA Finals
Kobe Bryant and Lakers celebrate victory in NBA Finals

The National Basketball Association crowned a new champion Sunday night.  The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Orlando Magic 99 – 86, in game five of the NBA Finals, to seal the 15th championship for the franchise.  It was fun while it lasted and really made it the point to the exclamation of this year’s playoff excitement.  Throughout the last couple months, the two teams found themselves competing to get to this level, but on two separate roads.  Neither road was a cakewalk, but both proved to be interesting enough to favor them to get in the championship.

Los Angeles Lakers started off the playoffs as the league’s third best team, record-wise, but first in the Western Conference.  And of course, lets not forget the back story that led them to the Finals.  Coach Phil Jackson going after the record for most championships, Kobe Bryant going for his fourth title, but first Shaquille O’neil-less title.  A Laker team without Shaq would of course mean something because they haven’t won in the last two trips to the Finals without him.  So a win this time around for the Lakers would mean the world.  Well actually it’ll mean the world for anyone to make it to the top of the mountain, including the Orlando Magic.  The Magic earned the right to play for the title more than any other team.  In the Eastern Conference, they had the third best record behind the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics.  As it would end up, the Magic had to play both of those teams.  And play, or outplay they did.  First beating the defending champs Celtics in seven games and then beating the NBA’s best Cavaliers in six. 

So there we had the two teams in the NBA Finals, going at it to decide who will be the last team standing.  Well as a citizen of one of the hometown’s of the teams involved, I would have to say I wasn’t as “third-party observer” as a journalist should be.  So admitting my allegiance to the Magic, I’d have to say game one was not that exciting, as the Magic saw the Lakers coast to a 25-point victory.  Game two gave us hope, a failed last second shot sent the game into overtime and the Lakers would eventually take a 2-1 lead in the series.  For game three they moved to Orlando and the Magic would take their first and only victory.  Things started to look up, especially when the Magic had a five-point lead  with seconds to go in game four.  But it would take some incredible missteps and luck for the Lakers to win that one, and they did.  Any hope that Orlando had was taken away by a 2nd quarter run by the Lakers in game five.  The Lakers celebrated the victory.

Not for nothin’, but no football and no more basketball, what am I suppose to watch on TV now?  America’s Got Talent?  Big Brother?  C’mon…

Not A Bailout, But Money To Aid Teams?

NBA getting money
NBA getting money

When many of  us see the headline, “NBA to borrow $200 million to aid teams,” particularly in this day, we’re inclined to think one thing, ‘bailout’.  But NBA commissioner David Stern assures us that it is not.  The National Basketball Association is in the process of acquiring $200 million which they will distribute to several teams to help them deal with operating losses incurred because of the economy.  JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America initially went to the league and said that $150 million was available, a figure that eventually turned into $200 million, which is what they are set to get.  Twelve teams have express interest in the bailout…I mean aid money.

In a time where banks, creditors, automakers, and etc are taking money from the government and several other businesses such as retailers, newspapers, and construction are doing really bad and laying off and closing down, why would professional sports be immune to the economic downturn.  Various professional sports teams are already eliminating jobs, cutting salaries, and slashing prices.  You may still see superstar salaries with contracts worth millions of dollars, but their business essentially still boils down to the consumer or the fan.  Whether through ticket sales or advertisements, they money still has to be generated somehow.  The NBA does not have unlimited funds to pay their players and maintain their league and teams.

But it’s not a bailout, insist commissioner Stern, “It’s the exact opposite,” he told the Associated Press.  “This was a show of strength in credit worthiness of the NBA’s teams.”  Stern believes that it’s sign of confidence that the market is opening up.  We all know how hard it is to get a loan these days, being that the credit market is frozen up.  But investor’s believe the NBA is a safe bet.

Not for nothin’, but its hard to convince someone that it isn’t a bailout if you are getting hundreds of millions of dollars from the government or any other investor, to help run your business, especially in these economic days.  If it looks like a bailout, walks like a bailout, then it’s not a duck.