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Americans killed by drone strikes? Don’t worry, they’re terrorist.

The United States government has acknowledged that four Americans were killed by counterterrorism drone strikes since 2009. The announcement was made in a letter written by Attorney General Eric Holder to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy. In the letter, Holder stated that only one of the four was specifically targeted, but the administration were fully aware of the other three deaths.

Since 2009 the United States has been conducting counterterrorism operations against al Qaeda and other associated forces outside of areas of active hostilities. These four deaths, that were kept classified until now, were apart of those operations in Yemen and Pakistan. Many conclusions can be drawn just by looking at the headline of “four Americans killed in drone strikes” but these so-called Americans were not friendly with the country that they were aligned.

The four individuals that were killed were clearly being labeled as associated with al Qaeda or other terror groups and actively planning to kill Americans. The one direct target of a drone strike on a U.S. citizen was Anwar al-Aulaqi, who was named as a senior operational leader of al Qaeda. In addition to various other planned attacks, al-Aulaqi was also involved in assisting the attempted attack of an airplane headed to Detroit on Christmas 2009.

Three others also killed were Samir Khan, Adul Rahman Anwar al-Aulaqi and Jude Kenan Mohammed. It’s being reported that Khan was killed in the same drone strike that killed al-Aulaqi, the 16-year-old son of al-Aulaqi was killed in a strike two weeks after his father and Mohammed was killed in another strike in Pakistan.

This is just the most current step taken by the Obama administration to keep the public updated on counterterorrism operations. President Obama made a pledge in the State of the Union to ensure more transparency to the American people and to the world in our country’s efforts to combat terrorism. That’s a pledge that will likely be reiterated by the president in a speech planned on Thursday.

Despite the letter, Holder agrees that there still may be some unanswered questions that may be addressed when the president speaks publicly about this and other counterterrorism efforts in the speech.

Not for nothin’ but the threat of terrorism is real. We recently faced a terror attack in Boston, but we are still at war with al Qaeda. If anything, it confirms that we should be more vigilant. Terrorist can and will come in all different shapes and forms. They could be European, Middle Eastern or American. At at times of war, it may not be opportune to capture enemies, but to use lethal force against anyone who poses a continuing, imminent threat to Americans. What’s the problem with that?

Major Havoc Erupts In India

Gunfire and terrorism errupts in Mumbai
Gunfire and terrorism erupts in Mumbai

The city of Mumbai on the western coast of India has been under siege over the past couple of days.  New reports have a death toll of at least 119 people over the past couple of days, and another 288 people have been injured.  It started Wednesday night when about two dozen armed men came into the city carrying AK-47’s and grenades.  The group had certain targets, shooting people, taking hostages, and blowing things up all along the way.  The gunmen attacked the headquarters of a Jewish outreach group and the Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels.  

Indian commando forces are responding to the danger.  They are going to the hotels, going room-to-room fighting off gunmen and freeing hostages.  J.K. Dutt, the director for the Indian National Security Guard could not say exactly how many gunmen remained in the Oberoi hotel, but hostages have apparently been trickling out of the building for hours.  At the near by Tajhotel, officials believe that there is still one gunman left there, but he is either wounded or tired.  But the other focal point is at the Jewish center where a siege continues.  For hours only gunfire and grenades is what was received from anyone who attempted a counter attack, but some help may be on the way when a new jeep load of police, firetrucks and an ambulance showed up for assistance.

Mumbia, India is one of the most populated cities in the world.  At this point no one has claimed responsibility in the attacks.  Some say it could be al-Qaeda, while others say it could be Pakistan, but either way this group were incredibly well-prepared and dedicated at getting their task in causing as much havoc possible. 

Not for nothin’, but this was a damaging attack on the financial capital of India.  Obviously this doesn’t baudwell for business.  Not exactly what a world in recession could use at a time like this.  Again…financial terrorism.


Bailout = Financial Terrorism?

Congress gets pressure from Paulson and Bernake
Congress gets pressure from Paulson and Bernanke

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke at this hour are urging congress to push through the Bush administration plan for a $700 billion bailout of Wall Street.  Investors are hoping that a bailout will make banks more likely to invest money so that businesses and consumers would spend more to help the economy.  But the two “pushers”, Paulson and Bernanke are facing much opposition from both Republicans and Democrats. 

The bailout has been called unacceptable, risky, and financial socialism.  Not only that there’s concern from congress that the huge price, little detail, and the fact that the plans authors, Paulson and Bernanke, are wanting to get this done as soon as possible. 

It’s too late to place fault or figure out who’s to blame in this financial crisis we find ourselves in.  People didn’t have the financial stability they normally depend on to keep houses, but apparently banks didn’t care much as they pawned off loan after loan to each other whereas they couldn’t handle it themselves.  If they can’t keep themselves maintained, it’s understandable that investors wouldn’t be confident and stop putting their money in ignorant businesses.  That’s how we found ourselves in the mess we’re in.  People feel terrorized because of it.  Many of us, like congress, are looking at this like four-year-olds in Algebra class.  We don’t how to fix it, but we do know we have to pass. 

Not for nothin’, but the government should bail themselves out before they could bail anyone else out.  This country is suffering financially and it all could be attributed to our current administration.  We’re looking at a rise in unemployment, high inflation, and healthcare cost through the roof.  That’s just for starters.  Things don’t get better when you throw in rising gas prices and energy cost which tells why the auto industry is having trouble and which makes for costly vacations, which is why people don’t want to fly anymore because airlines are making us pay for it, but now they’re on the brink of disaster.  And for honorable mention, two expensive wars when a lot of that focus should be on who’s in charge of North Korea and the still growing threat of terrorism.  It’s good that the government wants to help out, but at what cost will it be?

Two of our nation’s leading alleged financial geniuses are pressuring the country into this plan to save our economy, is reminiscent of a shotgun wedding.  The last time we played this type of Russian roulette over the direction of our nation, we ended up in a war that turned out to be a rather bad idea.  You can’t expect to drop a $700 billion bomb on America, and not expect people to question the effectiveness.  Can things get terribly worse if we take our time before we spend hundreds of billions of dollars on something that might not work anyway?  But that question sounds familiar.  Likely something the Bush administration didn’t ask themselves a few years ago before getting involved in war.

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